ShinYeon Moon

Roots by ShinYeon Moon

(graphite/ink on paper. 2014)
I’m having a very small show in Brooklyn. 
If anyone is in the area I hope you’ll come stop in and say hello!

Thank you!
Detail of “The Betrayal” 2014.

Detail of a WIP… “Untitled (the Betrayal)”


ShinYeon Moon
Self-Silence Study I 2014
14” x 11” colored pencil, graphite on paper

WIP… “The Flood” 

I’m going to be having some work up in the next few days so if you’re in that area, come stop by!
one of the images from my series: Face-Off

Shinyeon Moon

one of the images from my series: Face-Off

Shinyeon Moon


my first work of 2014! woohoo!
One of my favorites from my strange creations! 

A detail from:

colored pencil, graphite, marker, ink, acrylic. 22”x14” 2013

“Paris had excited Vincent. He had drunk too many absinthes, smoked too many pipefuls of tobacco, engaged too much in external activities. His gorge was high. He felt a tremendous urge to get away somewhere by himself where it would be quiet, and he could pour his surging, nervous energy into his craft. He needed only a hot sun to bring him to fruition. He had the feeling that the climax of his life, the full creative power toward which he had been struggling these eight long years, was not so very far off. He knew that nothing he had painted as yet was of any value ; perhaps there was a short stretch just ahead in which he could create those few pictures which would justify his life.”

—   a passage from Irving Stone’s Lust for Life
by: ShinYeon Moon

a body of work based off of E. A. Poe’s sonnet, “Silence”

see the entire thing here

shinyeon moon, 2012